Best Dry bag – 2018

If you’re planning on taking a trip to a rainy area, a lake or the sea, having a good dry bag will keep all your essential items dry and dirt free. Water will often ruin your electronics and keep them dry can be hard, a good dry bag will prevent this from happening.

What to look for? 

A good dry bag will have a rollmop seal (typically rolling the bag 3 times) and a high-quality water-resistant material that’s also sturdy. It’s important to test out your dry bag before using it or putting your valuables in, make sure that it is water tight and doesn’t leak. 

When picking out a dry bag there are many different options to choose from including backpacks, duffel bags, and phone holder pouches. Below is a list of our best dry bags on the market in 2018. 

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag with Front Zippered Pocket ($20.97 – $31.99)


The Earth Pak dry bag features a durable material with a roll-top that can be used for any weather conditions. Specifically good for kayaking or when undertaking any water-sports. It comes in a number of different colors and a number of different sizes to suit your needs and depending on how much stuff you’re taking on a trip. 

Constructed from commercial grade 500D PVC for high performance and durability. The bag becomes sealed shut when rolled and can float alongside you when swimming, paddle boarding or kayaking. The bag comes with the IPX8 waterproof phone case and a shoulder strap that extends up to 36 inches. 

Unigear 600D Dry Bag Sack ($8.99 – $34.88)

Another great Drybag on the list. The Unigear 600D dry bag is lightweight and made from a tough nylon material resistant to abrasion and tear. Whether you’re out at sea or in harsh rainy conditions, Unigear guarantee to keep waterproof protection for your electronics and other valuables. 

It comes in multiple sizes ranging from 2L – 40L. It also comes with a touch-friendly phone case that could also fit credit cards and a wallet. The larger bags come with 2 padded and removable shoulder straps.

Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack ($37.99)

A high quality, dry bag backpack. This dry bag comes with padded shoulder straps and looks more like your average backpack, providing more back support for anyone on long walks or longer excursions. It also features mesh side pockets and an easy access front pocket. 

Chaos claim this bag to be 100% waterproof and provides protection from the elements including rain, dust, and dirt. Made from heavy-duty 500 PVC Tarpaulin, with welded seams make this bag durable and resistant to abrasion and tear. The bag is 22L and comes with an easy fold system to keep your items dry. 

Note: it also comes with a 100% money back guarantee. 

Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag ($ 39.99)Matador Droplet XL Drybag (full)


This dry bag for anyone with little space in their luggage or larger bag. The Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag folds neatly into a stylish droplet case to be clipped on to your bag or belt loop for minimal fuss. 

The bag is made from a 100% waterproof material that will keep your electronics and other items dry. Slightly thinner material than the others, but features a tough thin material that protects it from general wear and tear. It comes as a 20L bag, which allows you to fit most of your valuables inside when in use. Comes in dark blue.