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For as long as I’ve been traveling, I’ve used World Nomads as my travel insurance company.Image result for nomads travel insurance

World Nomads is an international travel insurance provider based in Australia. It was founded in 2002 by Simon Monk, a traveler who wanted to address the 3 crucial concerns: freedom, security and connection. Insurance was a market fraught with fraud. As a lot of enthusiastic travellers ourselves, he figured they had a reasonable concept of what travellers needed and wanted. They people from over 150 nations, with medical and evacuation cover, 24-hour emergency assistance and cover for a big series of adventure activities.

I initially found World Nomads by means of Lonely Planet, where it was suggested (as it was by National Geographic too, and also notes it as a Top Four budget travel insurer). Given that those are brand names I trust, I went on– and I’ve never looked back.

World Nomads is the ideal insurance company for backpackers and travellers. It’s meant for people who are constantly on the move, and it covers all the essentials. I enjoy the management of the company, its competitive rates, its social giving program, and its company principles of being insurance for tourists by travelers. These actually set it apart.

Before I go into detail on my experience with World Nomads, I wish to give a little summary of its protection:


World Nomads provides up to $100,000 USD in protection, though its more expensive policies will cover you for higher quantities. High protection limits can be essential if you’re doing really crazy activities that may cause major injury. Or if you get really, really, truly sick. (That said, I discover $100,000 in protection is more than enough for what I require).

Its policies likewise offer protection for medical expenses and those related to medical evacuation or repatriation if you’re inadvertently injured. If you are treking in the woods and you break your leg, your policy ought to cover your evacuation to the healthcare facility– and World Nomads does, if the emergency evacuation is ordered by a physician who licenses that the seriousness of your accidental injury or sickness warrants it.

Emergency oral treatment
World Nomads likewise covers emergency dental treatment for accidental injuries that happen throughout the trip.


In case the worst happens, your World Nomads plan pays a lump sum to your beneficiary, such as a member of the family. These policies likewise pay out if you lose your vision or a hand, foot, or limb, etc. on your trip. Furthermore, they cover the cost of repatriating your body (i.e., sending your body home).


This protection repays you for baggage and personal valuables that are lost, stolen, or harmed throughout the trip. Some strategies also compensate you for additional expenditures if your baggage is delayed for more than a specific period, such as 12 hours.


Trip cancellation insurance repays you for prepaid expenditures if the tour operator fails, you have to cancel the journey because you or a relative gets sick or injured, or there is a death in the family, bad weather, or a natural catastrophe.

Trip disruption insurance covers you if you need to disrupt a getaway because you get ill or injured, or need to return home due to a death in the family.

Trip hold-up protection covers your expenditures if you’re delayed during a trip, such as when a flight gets canceled because of bad weather. Coverage is for additional expenditures, on a one-time basis, if you are postponed en route to or from the trip for 6 or more hours due to a specified danger (as described in the certificate or policy).

World Nomads covers all three!


World Nomads likewise uses a 24-hour service called One Call to offer assistance, advice, and referrals for medical emergency situations. The service will help you find local doctors, dental professionals, or medical facilities. They can also arrange and spend for appropriate transportation, consisting of an escort, if needed, to an ideal hospital, treatment center, or house.

Benefits and drawbacks of World Nomads

world wanderer logoAffordable prices
Excellent coverage
You can extend your policy online
You can make a claim online while on the road
24/7 service
Quick service

It does not cover people over 70
Its online system can be a little confusing to figure out
The Explorer strategy covers up to $3000 total and a per short article limitation of $1500 on electronics and individual items.